A co-worker brought in a mailer produced by the Washington Realtors. Since we’ve established that I’m so tired of reading mailers I’m only looking at the photos, I looked at the landscape and it didn’t take long to realize I’m not looking at Clark County.


I checked with co-workers and we couldn’t pinpoint where this photo would have been taken. We thought maybe the bridge in the foreground was the one that runs over the Lake Washington shipping canal in Seattle. Fortunately, my geography nerd husband dropped by the office and he identified the photo as Vancouver, B.C. and Mount Baker.

And he found a similar photo by Googling “Mount Baker from Vancouver, B.C.”:


On a side note, I’ll admit that the second thing I noticed was that apparently Joe Tanner and Marc Boldt are running for positions called “Clark County Supervisor.” And yes, I know some states do have boards of county supervisors, but Washington is not one of those states.

Does anyone care that this mailer talks about “Teamwork in Clark County” and shows some place that is not Clark County? The mailer was produced by a statewide Realtor PAC (and not authorized by either Tanner or Boldt), so maybe the group used the same photo for all of their mailers.

Basically, the message is: We’re Not Sure What Country You Live In And We’re Not Sure What Type of Government You Have, But Vote For These Two People.


Let’s end on a brighter note. Here’s my new favorite clock.


Maybe the better question should have been: “Does anyone proofread mailers?”

Well, in what must have been a better-late-than-never move, the PAC has since sent out new mailers changing “supervisor” to “commissioner” and turning that splashy photo of the “other” Vancouver into a map of Southwest Washington on a bright yellow background.

Bright red type at the top says: “The photo was wrong… but the message is right!” and, “For an accurate picture of Clark County, just look out your window!”

A window? Apparently a photo of our fair county is harder to find.

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at stephanie.rice@columbian.com or 360-735-4508.

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