Window shopping

During county commissioners’ board time last week, talk turned to Hazel Dell.

Commissioner Marc Boldt said he’d been meeting with community groups and explaining why there’s no threat that the city of Vancouver will annex Hazel Dell anytime soon.

Boldt said he’d like the county to show Hazel Dell a little more love. His exact words were: “I don’t want to call us the mayors of Hazel Dell, but be more aggressive.”

So far, commissioners’ attempts to revitalize the area haven’t resulted in much. Commissioner Steve Stuart said he planned to reach out to owners of used car lots on Highway 99 and ask if there’s anything the county to do to help improve the look. The area’s main drag has been described in public comments as “messy” and “an eyesore.”

The words “used car lots,” caught Commissioner Tom Mielke’s attention, who said he’d recently been window shopping on Highway 99.

As in, looking at used cars through the window of his car as he slowly drove along the strip in a self-designated shopping lane. His definition of “window shopping” made the other commissioners laugh.

“I’m looking to buy another car,” he started, giving a sideways glance to me, knowing what he was about to say would end up in this blog. By last count, Mielke had eight vehicles, and fixing them up is a hobby.

After board time, I asked Mielke why he didn’t park his car at a lot and give the vehicles his full attention.

He didn’t have time, he said.

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