Will Pat ride again?

I was on the phone with Vancouver City Councilor Pat Campbell recently, and in our conversation he let a hint of his possible plans for the future fly.

I asked if not accepting contributions or endorsements played a big role in his loss to Bill Turlay and Anne McEnerny-Ogle in August’s primary.

“There are several things that happened that could have made a difference,” Campbell said. “Perhaps next time when I campaign, if I campaign, I’ll have time to work on developing endorsements and accepting donations.”

Next time huh?

“I ended up enjoying my work on city council, but it’s good to have a little time out too,” Campbell, 66, said. “Who knows.”

Campbell, who ran twice as a Democrat (in 2004 and 2006) and once as a Republican (in 2002), for the state Legislature (all times unsuccessful), said should he reenter the political pool, he’ll stay in Clark County.

“I prefer doing something locally,” Campbell said. “It’s more personal and less partisan.”

Of course, he noted, partisan politics are increasingly filtrating local elections as well…

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