Who wore it best?

Even though we work in the high-minded world of newspaper journalism, we’ll admit we indulge in the world of celebrity gossip mags.

One of our fav features? US Weekly’s Who Wore it Best, which pits celebs in the same outfits against each other.

So, it’s instantly what flashed to our minds when we saw pictures of newly-minted Sen. Ann Rivers right after she was appointed, and another one of County Commission hopeful David Madore’s wife, Donna.


This was Ann, posting to her Facebook page. We remembered it because we thought it was a cute top. She also thanked her husband Fred, also in the shot, for all his support.

Then, when we were perusing Madore’s website, we found this:


So, we ask, totally tongue-in-cheek, who wore it best? Also, who has got the better arm candy? Also, where did you get that top, ladies?

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