Who will run against Boldt?

Filing week is still nine weeks away, but one of the county commissioners, Republican Tom Mielke, already has two publicly declared opponents.

What about his fellow Republican, Marc Boldt?

Boldt will be running for his third term. In his first two commissioner races, the former state lawmaker beat the same opponent: Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Harris.

In 2004, Boldt beat Harris with 53 percent of the vote. He won by the same margin in 2008.

Boldt said Wednesday that he knows Harris won’t be running against him a third time, because she told him as much. Harris hasn’t said whether she will run for re-election next year.

Candidates must live in the district they wish to represent, even though commissioners run countywide in the general election.

Do you live Boldt territory, officially known as District 2? Here’s a helpful map.

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