Who will Campbell back?

When I spoke with Vancouver City Councilor Pat Campbell yesterday, he remarked that “I sure wouldn’t let go” of one line of questioning.

I just wanted to know who he’s going to endorse now that he’s out of the Nov. 8 general election: Anne McEnerny-Ogle or Bill Turlay?

Now, I’m not sure Campbell will bother to endorse somebody, but with a near equal split of 31 percent to 33 percent and 34 percent or so, there’s a dog fight ahead to claim the support of Campbell’s voters.

“If i were to endorse somebody it would be somebody who is clear and can get along with other members of city council,” he said Wednesday.

So I asked him about Turlay. “We don’t see eye to eye on some things” but he said they were able to respectfully disagree.

Then I asked him about McEnerny-Ogle.

“In the scheme of things, and on council now, there are a surplus of different political persuasions and beliefs. We need to work well together, and we come up with what I think are good solutions. We don’t need anymore sand in the gears than what we already have.”

He closed the topic with who he’ll support will “Not necessarily be someone with same beliefs as I have.”

Read into it what you will.

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