Where’s the brotherly love?

Once upon a time, in a land not far away (Hockinson), there was a newly elected state legislator named Marc Boldt.

Boldt was kind enough to give his brother-in-law a job. But that plot line did not have a fairy tale ending

Here’s the couple in happier times, in 1997 (Boldt is on the right.)


Later, Boldt became a county commissioner. And his brother-in-law spends his time blogging about how much he can’t stand the man who once gave him a job.

A recent post from the blog includes these lines:

“As I pointed out before, my brother in law is Marc Boldt, unfortunately for us all, a Clark County Commissioner.

The post goes on to criticize Boldt for rejecting an idea for an advisory vote

It ends with this:
“I worked for you, directly, for 6 years. I am ashamed that I ever knew you.”

Wow. Wonder what Thanksgiving dinners are like?

Marc, I know you lied to me about an advisory vote, but could you at least pass the sweet potatoes?

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