Where in the world is Wiesman?

Should a deadly strain of influenza ever descend on Vancouver, we’re thinking Clark County Public Health Director John Wiesman would be MIA.

Wiesman was recently named president-elect of the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

As president-elect, we can only assume in the case of widespread illness Wiesman would be whisked away in a dark-colored SUV with dark tinted windows to some underground bunker – Dick Cheney style.

Wiesman would monitor and coordinate Public Health’s infectious disease response from the safety of the bunker, ensuring he doesn’t contract the virus.

The precautions and response would be even greater next summer when Wiesman becomes president of the national group.

On the other hand, should an outbreak of measles or whooping cough spread through Clark County, Wiesman would remain in his office at the Center for Community Health.

As a public health official, Wiesman has surely been immunized against those preventable diseases.

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