Where everybody knows your name

‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas, and the meeting mavens three decided to treat ourselves to a rare lunch out at Provecho on Main Street.

We hopped into Stephanie’s car and cranked up her kids’ Muppet Christmas CD. All our favorites blared across – Kermit, Piggy, Scooter and Rowlf singing the 12 days of Christmas.

We pull into the lot, walk through the front door and (it’s a Christmas miracle!), there’s Vancouver’s own Scooter, Councilor Bart Hansen, having lunch with a Clark Public Utilities coworker. Then, turn to our left – BOOM! Kermit himself, Mayor Tim Leavitt.

The restaurant was crowded and we were told it would be 10 minutes for a seat. We agreed to wait, but asked if we could push two tables for two together instead.

“We don’t push tables together, sorry,” the hostess replied.

We settled into a spot for four in the corner, and turned to notice those tables being pushed together – for the MAYOR’s party of five. Figures.

Hansen, sporting a Paul Bunyan-inspired plaid jacket, paused to speak with Leavitt, who donned a Starsky and Hutch-esque leather jacket (Hansen’s description, not ours!), as he left and Leavitt waited to be seated. Neither guy noticed they were standing under the mistletoe. We did.

I threatened to leave if any of the other Muppet gang arrived, but fortunately we got to stay and enjoy our delicious Mexican delights.

But then, just as we paid our check, this little restaurant made it clear it contained more city officials than an average city council meeting: Vancouver HR Director Elizabeth Gotelli and Public Works spokeswoman Loretta Callahan emerged from the other room. Maybe Provecho handed out coupons at City Hall?

(PS: We’re sorry for the paucity of posts this week, but our software’s been glitchy, so we can’t post photos — like Bart and Tim conversing under the mistletoe. We’ll consider that their Christmas present from APIL).

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