What's in a (middle) name?

As the Vancouver City Council settled in behind its new dais in its new digs at the new City Hall, surrounded by pleasant soothing tones, all was well.

Except one thing. Someone, we don’t know who, forgot the middle “E” initial in Jeanne Stewart’s name plate.

Safely ensconced between “Larry” and “Smith” was the “J.” (Stands for Jack, Smith said, and is understandably necessary for a bit of name definition in a world of Larry Smiths).

There between “Timothy” and “Leavitt” was the “D.” (Stands for David. Why it’s there we don’t know — everyone calls him Tim).

And finally, nestled between “Eric” and “Holmes” was his “J,” for John.

It was an oversight, and it’s since been fixed. The “E” in Jeanne E. Stewart has returned.

Stewart said she filed as Jeanne E. Stewart when she ran for city council, in an attempt to further delineate herself in a council chock-a-block full of ’em. (Jeanne Harris and Jeanne Lipton also had seats at the time). Since then, she’s stuck with the E.

The closest answer we could get about what the E even stands for was: “The E. stands for my middle name!”

UPDATE: A quick records search reveals her as an Elizabeth. It’s easier to just tell us, Jeanne!

PS: An update from our county reporter, Stephanie Rice. The county keeps it casual.

You don’t see high-falutin’ name plates for Thomas M. Mielke, Steven J. Stuart, Marcus J. Boldt or even Glyn W. Barron. It’s Tom, Steve, Marc and Bill, thanks very much.

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