I’ve sat through scores of public meetings in my young career, watching city councilors or port commissioners get yelled at by the public and occasionally bicker among themselves.¬†Tuesday’s Clark County council meeting, the first I’ve sat through, was in a different league.

If there was supposed to be closure after the recall petition was dismissed, or calm after reading the Dean report, or a little decorum shown on Election Day,¬†well I’ve got a better idea for you.

After a brief consent agenda and a few public comments, Councilor David Madore wanted to have a public hearing about the Dean report, because… Well it doesn’t matter, because it wasn’t going to go anywhere, as a majority of commissioners let him know.

Jeanne Stewart: “No, I don’t support what you’re asking to do. It is your attempt to embarrass and undermine the county manager.”

Julie Olson: “This is about embarrassing Mr. McCauley … The lies you put out on your social media page are despicable.”

Marc Boldt: “You have 100 percent outright lied to citizens on your Facebook. The things you said about the budget makes me sick.”

A cacophony erupted before the meeting was adjourned as Madore tried to say a few things “for the record” but was spoken over until he relented.

It seemed to me that two councilors were picking at a scab while the other three were trying to haul a bandage over the open sore caused by seven months of infighting and accusations and pretty much everything except business as usual. But maybe that’s just my take. I don’t go to every meeting, after all, nor, for the time, would I want to. There’s enough bad news in the world already.

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