Author: Brooks Johnson

You, me and the TPP

There is nothing simple about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a global trade deal causing a political stir from the top of the ballot to the bottom. Yet local opponents recently had […]

What did I just see

I've sat through scores of public meetings in my young career, watching city councilors or port commissioners get yelled at by the public and occasionally bicker among themselves. Tuesday's Clark County […]

The greatest show on earth

Adjudication is coming. No wait, don't stop reading, I swear it's important and cool and fun, despite the snore-inducing name. The proposal for the nation's largest oil terminal is going on […]

Cut and run?

Port of Vancouver CEO Todd Coleman decided four years ago he's only going to lead the port for four years. He reminded his three bosses, the port's commissioners, with a two-week […]

Take your ticket, cross your fingers

When I get to Tuesday's public hearing on Vancouver Energy's lease amendment, I'll be in my seat for up to 12 hours. But that's my job, and I'm actually pretty […]

A room with a view

If you're like me, you want to see anything proposed on the waterfront to succeed, if not for the economy then for the city's character, appeal and aesthetic. (If you're […]

Waterfront showdown

At this morning's Economic Forecast Breakfast, The Columbian's annual, well, economic forecast breakfast, I had the pleasure of watching a panel discussion on the future of downtown and the waterfront. I was […]

It’s a gamble

Things are looking up, though everything can still go wrong for the proposed Cowlitz casino — a federal appeals court rescinds the tribe's reservation, the county council somehow overcomes tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, financing […]

C ya, C-Tran?

There was an unusually empty chair at Tuesday's C-Tran board meeting. Arriving after an hourlong executive session, I shuffled into the library's meeting room and did not see David Madore's […]

There will be waiting

Remember the old days, when Daniel Day-Lewis would ride into town with promises of fortunes in return for just a little (or perhaps an ocean of) oil? Forget NEPA, the Department […]

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