What are YOU looking at?

We got yet ANOTHER press release about the new Vancouver City Hall earlier this week, and with it was this photo:


Apparently it’s from last Saturday’s open house, when Mayor Tim Leavitt gave a dedication speech.

We heard the speech was a bit long, and one look at the expressions on the city council and city manager’s faces confirmed it.

From left, our interpretation of what’s going through the minds of those in the audience.

Larry Smith: “Do I have time to mow the lawn after this is over?”

Jeanne Harris: “You know, Tim’s not such a bad guy.”

Jack Burkman: “This speech could definitely use some facts and figures. Definitely.”

Jeanne Stewart: “Grrrrrr…”

Eric Holmes: “Oh boy, there’s Steve Stuart, I bet he’s gearing up to send us some musings. (Death glare).”

Bart Hansen: “Zzzzzzzz… Wha? Firefighters?”

Holmes said via email that he had no idea what he actually was glaring at… probably nothing.

“Guess I need to work on my warm and inviting face …or Esther Short was waving to me,” he joked.

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