We’re not sure this is a trend…

A while back, a doozy of a photo showed up on Facebook, as Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt posed in Budapest.

We’re talking a sweater tied ’round his shoulders, and his jeans rolled up a few times for extra flair.

We here at APIL had to jump into the fray once Councilor Bart Hansen gave him the totally blog-worthy nickname of Mayor Hoff (courtesy David Hasselhoff).

Apparently we weren’t the only ones touched by this new “trend” of Leavitt’s, because when he showed up to a regular dinner meeting of Clark County mayoral minds, he was greeted by four other mayors modeling his look.


It’s blurry, but Leavitt put it on his Facebook today (and sent it to APIL last week). It appears La Center’s Jim Irish, Ridgefield’s Ron Onslow, Washougal’s Sean Guard and Battle Ground’s Lisa Walters wanted in on that sweet action.

We give bonus fashion points to Walters for the shiny pink clogs on full display.

And we give a #winning hashtag to all those mayors willing to hassle Mayor Hoff.

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