Well, what DO you like?

Battle Ground City Councilor Paul Zandamela, who is up for reelection this fall, is holding a campaign event this Thursday: A call for fiscal responsibility, a call for jobs in Clark County.

It includes an all-star panel of some of the top local Tea Partiers: Rep. Paul Harris, US Digital CEO and campaign financier David Madore and County Commissioner Tom Mielke, along with local candidates Josephine Wentzel, Cory Barnes, Shane A. Bowman and Philip L. Johnson.

It’s at 6 p.m. at the Battle Ground Senior Center.

The invite also includes a list of things these guys don’t like. It says, “These candidates stand firm in opposition of: ♦The light rail ♦The I-5 or I-205 bridge tolls & taxes ♦The CRC projects in Clark County ♦Fiscal Irresponsibility & excessive government spending ♦Increased influence of special interests in local governments ♦Annexation without the majority consent by property owners ♦City imposed eminent domain through annexation ♦Private property seizure through eminent domain ♦Lack of transparency in local governments Encroachment by the Bonneville Power Administration and much more…”

But there’s an apparent schism in the fold.

Vancouver candidate Bill Turlay is also having an event at 6 p.m. Thursday. Except his is at the Cameo Cafe, at 7703 NE 72nd Ave., and he’s bringing in KPAM’s Victoria Taft, Sen. Don Benton, Rep. Ann Rivers, and wait… Mielke again?!

Guess Mielke’s going to be in Battle Ground and Vancouver at the same time. If Hermione Granger can do it, why can’t he?

But at least one guy won’t be anywhere near the Battle Ground event. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt — focus of oh-so-much Tea Party criticism.

“It does conflict with some more community-positive events like the Open House Ministries Community BBQ, which I will attend,” he wrote in an email. “Or, the Couvee Dinner….which aims to provide support to local businesses (eateries). There’s an interesting juxtaposition… attend an anti-everything, anti-community rally…. or go support positive community efforts?!?”

Snap. Election season continues…

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