We will miss his sarcasm

Vancouver Councilor Pat Campbell — love or hate his politics — has never been one to hold his tongue. And often it’s worth a laugh, either because sometimes his use of anecdotes goes astray, or because he’s crafted a fantastic sarcastic response via email.

This will be one thing we will miss once Campbell leaves office in January.

Here’s the latest, to a confused resident of — you guessed it — Vancouver, BC:

From: Florreta F. Flouride
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:40 PM
To: Campbell, Pat
Subject: Invasion of Privacy by the MHSD(Welfare)

For Curbing of Freedom of Speech and
invasion of Privacy by the Ministry of Housing
and Social Development of British columiba see:

We are Vancouver, Washington USA.

I love visiting British Columbia. We have our own problems to deal with here. I wish to remain blithely ignorant of your problems whenever I visit you folks and have my too few and too far in-between Zen moments in the hot spring pools.
Pat Campbell, Vancouver (WA) Council member

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