We also know someone who did get pinched

Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo should have known better than to visit an elementary school on St. Patrick’s Day without wearing green.

Ciraulo stopped by Maple Grove Primary on Thursday for his regular date with his lunch buddy.

All of the kids know Ciraulo is mayor of their city and usually run up to give him high-fives.

But one big fourth-grader had a different idea.

He walked right up to Ciraulo, looked him in the eye and said, “Hey, you’re not wearing green,” before reaching over and pinching Ciraulo on the arm.

The kid then turned around and walked off without saying another word, Ciraulo said.

“I thought, ‘Hey, I’m the mayor now. I shouldn’t be bullied by a big fourth-grader anymore,’” Ciraulo said.

Plus, Ciraulo said, he had a good reason for not wearing green: it’s against his work dress code.

Ciraulo, who is the training chief for Clark County Fire & Rescue, was in uniform on St. Paddy’s Day and couldn’t alter his attire for the holiday.

Ciraulo obviously underestimated the pinching-power of a fourth-grade bully.

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