Washougal councilor dances toward re-election bid

Whether you are interested in the tango, Washougal politics or are just plain tired of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” Michael Delavar’s has you covered with his latest YouTube post.

Delavar’s video titled, “Washougal Tango: A Dance Between the People and the City,” shows he and his wife, Katja, dancing through the city.

The video ends with a notice that he is seeking re-election in the fall.

“It’s just a different take on politics,” Delavar said. “The relationship between the voters and the government can be seen as a dance in some ways. There’s leading and following.”

Feedback on the video has been positive, Delavar noted. As of today, the video had 13 page views.

His fellow councilman, Jon Russell, re-posted the video on his blog, Washougal Kibbutz.

“He and his wife are good dancers,” Russell said. “I thought it was cute. I wanted to put it up so other people could see it.”

Russell said his decision to re-post Delavar’s campaign tango should not be viewed as a campaign endorsement, per se. He added he was unsure of Delavar’s re-election plans.

See the video here.

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