Washougal councilman’s wife stumps for Ron Paul

While Washougal councilman Michael Delavar campaigns for reelection this fall, his wife Katja has dedicated herself to spreading the word about another political candidate.

No, it’s not Michael Delavar’s challenger, Joyce Lindsay.

Katja Delavar is the Washington state co-chair of Ron Paul’s campaign. She hosted a viewing party at Club Green Meadows in Vancouver during CNN’s GOP debate last week.

Around 75 Paul supporters attended the Oct. 18 meeting to watch Paul’s performance on TV and to share their reasons for backing Paul afterward, Katja Delavar said. She submitted the photo seen below.


Katja Delavar praised Paul’s “sharp” performance during the debate and expressed hope his increased exposure during the most recent debate would lead to increased voter support prior to the Jan. 31 GOP primary in Florida.

That remains to be seen.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll has Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul netting 13 percent of the GOP primary vote.

That’s the high end. The low end?

The latest Bloomberg/Washington Post poll has Paul at six percent.

Yet, Katja Delavar remains firmly behind Paul, whose slogan is “liberty, prosperity, peace.”

“If he gets the Republican nod, he will get (votes from) the Democrats frustrated with the wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq, she said.

She made her remarks prior to President Barack Obama’s promise that all troops would be removed from Iraq by year’s end.

As for Obama, Katja Delavar does not see him as Paul’s chief competition.

“He will win against Obama,” she said in a matter-of-face manner.

Katja Delavar plans to post future Ron Paul-related meetings on meetup.com, she said. You can find more information about the events, once posted, by searching the zip code 98660.

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