Washougal, Camas reconcile board appointments

The same night the Vancouver City Council removed Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart from the C-Tran board, the Washougal City Council removed Councilwoman Molly Coston from the Regional Transportation Council.

But unlike Stewart’s case, Coston wasn’t removed for going against council’s wishes. She was removed after a three-year run in order to let someone else have a turn.

The cities of Camas and Washougal share one seat on each of the two boards.

For the last three years, Camas Councilwoman Linda Dietzman has served on the C-Tran board and Washougal Councilwoman Molly Coston has served on the RTC.

Historically, the two cities have swapped seats every couple years, Washougal City Administrator David Scott said.

Last month, the Camas council voted to keep the 2010 appointments in 2011. But the Washougal council voted to move Dietzman to the RTC and selected Washougal Councilman Dave Shoemaker as the new C-Tran representative.

Last night, though, the Washougal council took another vote. This time the council voted 4-3 to keep Dietzman in her position on the C-Tran board for one more year and named Shoemaker the RTC representative.

Camas officials have indicated the council will defer to the Washougal decision, Scott said.

Now officials from the two cities plan to establish a formal rotation for the positions to prevent inconsistent appointments in the future.

The cities will also likely allow whichever city holds a board position to have the sole say in who sits on the board.

For example, when a Washougal council member is to serve on the C-Tran board, the Washougal council would select the representative. The Camas council would not vote on who fills the C-Tran position.

Coston and Councilmen Rod Morris and Paul Greenlee again voted against the appointments.

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