Walk a mile in Leavitt's shoes

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, when he has his shirt on, is known about town as pretty much the only guy who follows GQ rules. Except in Eastern Europe.

And sometimes that’s backfired in our Old Navy-friendly environment. Think back to ’09: When Leavitt said that he can’t get a proper suit in Clark County, so he goes to Portland.

In 2012, he’s still not helping his case.

The Oregonian profiled a leather “magician” who works out of the Broadway Cigar Shop in Northeast Portland.

After noting that he specializes in fancy designer shoes, the writer mentions that owner Gregory Fisher’s docket of work that day includes repairing “a few pairs of Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt’s shoes.”

Oy. Strike two. Surely there’s shoe repair shops in Vancouver?

Leavitt says he and his amigo Albert Angelo the Third head down there for cigars and shoe repair. How manly.

We can at least give the guy credit for frugality, though. At least he’s getting that Italian leather fixed up, rather than tossing them in favor of new ones.

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