Vancouver's risk manager prevents lawsuit

Vancouver’s mostly all moved in to its new City Hall downtown, and the first city council meeting is tonight.

I joined some neighborhood association leaders on a tour of the city’s new digs, and managed to really embarrass myself in the process.

Heading down the beautiful granite-type stairs from the third floor to the second, I got distracted by the view (through the plate glass window that’s conveniently located at the bottom of the stairs) of the new city council chambers.

I caught a heel at the top of the flight and started to go down. While a header through the glass seemed inevitable, my adrenaline kicked in and I ran full speed down the 10-plus death obstacle course.

I did not fall, nor did I take out one of neighborhood leaders.

Instead, I bolted through the open door and hit the landing, where General Services Director Tim Haldeman (who also manages the city’s risk – ie: lawsuit prevention) slowed me down.

I came to a stop directly in front of a glass wall behind which all the city council was seated behind the dais — now staring at me. I threw up my arms in a gymnast’s pose and about died of shame.

Among the sentiments offered by the council:

“Choice. So choice” — Bart Hansen

“I think I’m the only one who saw that whole thing (laughs)!” — Jeanne Harris

“I wish I had a camera.” — Tim Leavitt

So there. While we do spend a bit of our time poking fun at politicians, never say we can’t also make a bit of fun of ourselves.

And, Tim Haldeman, I owe you a coffee. Or a plaque of appreciation.

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