Vancouver gets its 15 minutes

The city of Vancouver has launched a new short, monthly TV program called “We are Vancouver,” a production intended to highlight different city programs and profile city councilors and local businesses.

In the inaugural show: The Humane Society walk, a profile of The Source, downtown’s new climbing gym, and interview with Councilor Larry Smith.


We dug the shots of all the dogs enjoying a walk en masse on the waterfront (and we’re pretty sure the zoom shot of three basset hounds being pulled on a surf board are a pack belonging to city PIO Barb Ayers).

It also includes a walk into the past with Mayor Tim Leavitt, who visits the Minnehaha apartment (condo?) that his family first lived in when they moved here in 1980. Complete with childhood photos, and a shot of Leavitt’s feet walking across the building’s parking lot.

Download it at CVTV’s website, which also has the next TV air dates and times (please let me know if you stay up until 3:30 a.m. Thursday to catch the next run!)

Or, if you’re looking for a more amateur approach with a broader focus, check out local dudes Gary Bock and Jim Mains’ latest venture: The Vancouver Side.

While titled for the county’s biggest town, the pair have put out several YouTube episodes, including one on the Port of Woodland.

As the saying (doesn’t) go: Turn on, tune in, drop by.

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