Update: Stewart says “no thanks” to C-Tran thank you

I posted yesterday about C-Tran’s presentation next week to Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Harris for her decade of service on that board. And I said I hadn’t heard word about a similar measure for her colleague, Jeanne Stewart.

Both women were removed by the rest of the council, for different reasons.

Since then, I’ve been told that C-Tran Chairman and County Commissioner Marc Boldt did extend the same offer to Stewart as well.

But here’s what Stewart e-mailed to me about it:

“Late yesterday afternoon C Tran indicated Jeanne Harris was on the agenda for the next C Tran Board meeting to be honored with an award recognizing her years of service. I was asked if I wanted one, too. My answer, no thanks.”

“I still have unfinished business regarding my removal from the C Tran Board.”

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