Well, we’d heard that Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was in a charity fashion show last month for Second Step Housing, but we didn’t put much energy into tracking down photographs.

As in, none.

But then photographs were shared at the Rotary Club of Vancouver luncheon Wednesday, and it turns out that Leavitt went topless (yes, I know when men are naked from the waist up it’s typically referred to as “shirtless,” but “topless” is funnier and there’s no AP style rule.)

Second Step Housing helps women move from homelessness to independence, said executive director Debby Dover.

The Sept. 7 fundraising event, called Step into Fashion, was part of an evening at The Hilton Vancouver that included a silent auction and dinner. Attire was provided by Lily Atelier of Camas and Ridgefield-based Agave Denim, Dover said.

Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo (a training chief for Clark County Fire & Rescue) was scheduled to model, but was called away to a fire and couldn’t attend, Dover said.

Dover’s husband, Bill Dover, took the photographs.

First, Mister Mayor went for the tough guy look:


Then he went for the half-naked look. As you can see, other men in the show followed suit. You can see the backside of Portland model (a real model, not a “celebrity” model) Keph Sherin.


I’m not sure what he’s pointing at here.


So what do you think of Topless Tim? I posted one photo on my Facebook page and here are a few of the responses:

I’m not even sure how to respond. How’s this: Better than Royce?

Whole new definition of biomass.

Caption contest time…

Great idea. Add your captions in the comments section below.

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