Too much information

Commissioner Tom Mielke often uses his personal experiences as factors in making policy decisions.

Today was no exception.

The Clark County Commissioners, serving in their role as the board of health, discussed septic fees for the fourth time in as many months on Wednesday.

One resident testified she has a well-maintained system that doesn’t require much pumping.

Mielke said he too has a well-maintained system. So well-maintained, in fact, that it hasn’t been pumped in five years.

“It’s working better now than it was three years ago,” he said. “The floating solids have reduced by 3 inches. They’re down to 7 (inches).”

It’s tough to sit through four meetings about septic systems.

It’s even harder when those meetings are at 9 a.m.

And it’s the worst when you’re hearing about a commissioner’s “floating solids” as you sip on your morning coffee.

So thank you, commissioners, for making a decision on septic fees and putting an end to my floating-solids-pumping misery.

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