Tim in a tank top

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt delivered his second State of the City address Wednesday. Part of the nearly hour-long speech included a video of five “Hometown Heroes” – folks that have grown up in Vancouver, and, gosh darn it, made good.

The video included high school photos of the heroes, ’80s mullets/perms and all. After the vid finished, Leavitt said with a laugh: “It’s always a good time to go back and look at old pictures and old hairstyles.”

Well, the mavens thought we’d turn the tables, and show this doozy from 1995, plucked from Leavitt’s Facebook page:


Here’s a few good one-line responses to the pic, which was posted by the mayor in January (Kudos to him for using social networking to show a more human side, we say):

  • “Toga, toga, toga, toga, toga, toga,…..”

  • “Let’s just say you weren’t thinking “Mayor Of Vancouver” in 1995. Probably more like “What goes w/ my tank top?”

  • Our favorite, from a sassy Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart: “Too bad you’re wearing the hat so we can’t see your sweet Vanilla Ice haircut!”

Speaking of being young, Leavitt’s address was also intended to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Center. He asked for $5 donations at the door.

Today, Development Director Kim Hash said just under $900 came in, with some people giving on the way in and out. That’s a warm and fuzzy thing that might just melt that snow out there.

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