The Wonder Years

I swear this isn’t “find stuff on Tim Leavitt” week. It just keeps falling from the sky.

Columbian publisher Scott Campbell gets kudos for this bit of detective work — someone working on a retrospective came across this little bit in a 1986 newsletter for Columbian paper carriers.


Look a little closer, there at the second from left in the bottom row.


It’s none other than Leavitt, at about 15 years old, pulling in a $20 prize. With his shirt on.

Leavitt said Friday that it was his first job (just like many other lifelong Vancouver residents), and that he also got carrier of the month.

Little Timmy was on his bike every day: “Bag over shoulders or on handle bars,” he said in a text. “Learned customer service, sales, discipline, work ethic… and getting up early in the AM! Credit The Columbian for the path to mayor-dom!!!”

“Oh, and fitness too!” he added.

Campbell said that should the next election not work out, Leavitt has a standing offer to return to his roots.

PS: Tami Graham (girl in middle bottom row), if you’re out there… KILLER HAIR.

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