The “Welcome Wagon” returns to the Old West

Jim Mains, who lives on the border of the Lincoln and Northwest neighborhoods, found this letter on his porch this morning and posted it on Facebook:


Oh yes, the Welcome Wagon. Remember them? A similar letter was distributed in the Hough neighborhood in March, making a threat to pelt Democrats with tomatoes. (The threat was never carried out.)

In September, the Welcome Wagon struck East Minnehaha.

So the anonymous author(s?) has switched from threatening tomatoes to apples. That makes sense, because as one Facebook commenter pointed out, apples are cheaper than tomatoes this time of year.

Mains said he walked down Franklin Street and the letters had been delivered to all of the homes. He said he reported to the Vancouver Police Officer assigned to the neighborhood. Mains said he also spoke with the president of the Hough Neighborhood Association.

The fliers are considered voter intimidation, Mains said.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart posted this on his Facebook page in October:


So, westside neighbors, be on the lookout for anyone delivering fliers or throwing apples.

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