The freeholder update list

Clark County voters are about to elect freeholders.

At the end of the filing period on Aug. 9, 123 folks had filed for the office. But that number is dynamic, and some have dropped from the list.

Here is the most recent list from the county, and a list of who dropped out.

Dropped out:

William (Bill) Ryckman – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Julie Olson – withdrew on 8/9/2013
Michael Goodrich – withdrew on 8/9/2013
Steve McGillis – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Ken Poyneer – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Norman Harker – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Debbie Larner – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Newt Rumble – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Loa Ma’o – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Roger L. DeRoos – withdrew on 8/11/2013
D. Michael Heywood – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Sunrise O’Mahoney – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Paul Harris – withdrew on 8/9/2013
Maureen Andrade – withdrew on 8/5/2013
K. Peter Henrickson – withdrew on 8/12/2013
Henry Saathoff – withdrew on 8/12/2013

Still running:

District 1, Position 1: Vancouver residents Garry E. Lucas (Clark County sheriff), Morris Foutch, Marlene (Korczakowski) Adams and Scott McElhaney, Ridgefield residents Ron Onslow (mayor of Ridgefield) and Darren S. Wertz, and La Center resident Dale Smith.

District 1, Position 2: Vancouver residents Donald A. Leonard, Doug Ballou and Dan Sockle, La Center resident Ann Rivers (state senator), and Brush Prairie resident Tom Lawrence.

District 1, Position 3: Battle Ground residents Scott Edwards, Richard Rylander and Jacqueline (Jackie) Lane, Ridgefield residents Joseph Zarelli (former state legislator) and Bridget Schwarz, Amboy resident David A. Darby, Vancouver resident Robert (Rob) Lutz, and Brush Prairie resident Tim Podhora.

District 1, Position 4: Vancouver residents Ben Meyer, Sharon Ferguson, Steve Foster, Chris Lockwood and Fiona Humphrey, La Center residents Troy Van Dinter (former La Center city councilor) and Peter Silliman, Brush Prairie resident Mark Gawecki, and Ridgefield resident John Main.

District 1, Position 5: Vancouver residents Patricia Reyes (Duitman), Troy Maxcy, Wendy Lyn Smith, Sherry Erickson and Patrick Bourcier, Ridgefield residents Randy Mueller and David Standal, Battle Ground residents Ralph Akin and R. (Bob) Freund, Brush Prairie resident Dick Deleissegues and Yacolt resident Patrick O’Rourke.

District 2, Position 1: Vancouver residents Rob Perkins, Joel Littauer, Cheryl Bledsoe, Diana H. Perez and Jamie Hurly, and Camas residents Thomas Hann and Nan Henriksen (former Camas mayor).

District 2, Position 2: Vancouver residents Tracy S. Wilson and Esther Schrader, Camas residents Lloyd Halverson and Ken Kakuk, Brush Prairie resident Debbie Abraham and Washougal resident John W. Bryden.

District 2, Position 3: Vancouver residents Judie Stanton (former Clark County commissioner), Jim Martin and John Burke, and Camas residents Russell Boten and Liz Pike (state representative).

District 2, Position 4: Vancouver residents Roger Neilson and Dimitry Mishchuk, Camas resident Paul Dennis (former Camas mayor), and Washougal resident Michael Delavar (former Washougal city councilor).

District 2, Position 5: Vancouver residents Chuck Miller, Jake Smith and Adam Baldwin, Brush Prairie residents Marc Boldt (former Clark County commissioner) and Anthony (Tony) McMigas, and Camas resident Bentley Brookes.

District 3, Position 1: Vancouver residents Pat Jollota (former Vancouver city councilor), Craig Riley and Ryan Palmer.

District 3, Position 2: Vancouver residents Val Ogden (former state legislator), Rob Figley, John Lowell Gilbert, Jeanne Schaefer-Ringo and Carolyn Crain.

District 3, Position 3: Vancouver residents Jim Moeller (state representative), Bruce A. Samuelson, Jerry W. Keen, Debbie Peterson, Lowell D. Miller, Mike Woodward, Keith E. Bellisle, Alice Williams and David Gray Jr.

District 3, Position 4: Vancouver residents Temple Lentz, Dan Barnes, Kris Fay, Alex Veliko, Winde Bekins Chavez, Frank L’Amie, Don Yingling, Michael James Barry, Gene C. Ringo, Kyle Greenwood, Bill Hughes, Adrian Gomez and Sally Fisher.

District 3, Position 5: Vancouver residents Jim Mains, Thomas Richard Higdon, John W. Caton, Jerry Oliver, James Taylor (Jimmy Tee), Jackie Marsden, Mike Yancey, Bill Cismar, Jack Harroun, John Jenkins, Bob Carroll, Mark Monroe and Jim Dunn.

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle covers Clark County government for The Columbian. He can be followed on facebook at, on Twitter at @col_clarkgov or contacted by email at

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