The “c’mon guys, really?” post election blog

As the clock ticked down to Tuesday’s election, we were handed a few fliers on Friday afternoon that were just … hilarious.

Neither of these two fliers are factually inaccurate. But they both are laughably bad and one does contain a rather glaring omissions. Blog worthy? Yes. Newsworthy? No.

Let’s start with this one sent by Unite Here – the PAC that represents Hilton Vancouver Washington union members – on behalf of Anne McEnerny-Ogle.


Wait. What? The fact she fell in love with a guy in uniform makes her the clear choice for public safety? Huh? Peace, love and rock n’ roll? Oy vey.

Let’s not forget that her opponent, Bill Turlay, actually flew some 35 missions in Vietnam himself. Facepalm.

“I don’t think they did their homework on that,” Turlay said Tuesday night.

Here’s another gem. Save Our City, the David Madore financed PAC, sent this whopper, showing yet another black-and-white photo from the “gavel down” meeting, and listing that Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilors Bart Hansen and Jeanne Harris all accepted campaign donations from Prestige Real Estate Development.


They then claim “Anne McEnerny-Ogle is backed by the same special interests that have mismanaged our city: real estate developers and Unite Here, which has made a $32,556.65 expenditure on her behalf,” the flier reads.

That logical leap is shaky at best. But the greatest thing about this flier? It then urges people to tell special interest groups “Our city council isn’t for sale!” by voting for Turlay and Josephine Wentzel.

Here’s where doing one’s homework comes in. Turlay’s Public Disclosure Commission filings show that on Oct. 20, he accepted $200 from Elie Kassab, owner of Prestige Real Estate Development.

Yeah… Here’s to next year Clark County voters!

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