The allure of fat cats

And now a post from trends reporter Paris Achen:

Despite its positive name, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington’s “Big and Beautiful” promotion suggests that overweight cats are less desirable than healthy-weight cats.

Erin Griffin, the humane society’s spokeswoman, said it clearly in this article by reporter Laura McVicker: Heavier cats are often not the type of cats people want to adopt.

No offense to the spokeswoman for the humane society — which contracts with Clark County Animal Control to shelter the strays and surrendered, skinny and fat — but some prominent artists beg to differ.

What about Jim Davis’ “Garfield?” As the nation’s most syndicated comic, Garfield’s antics and distaste for diets and Mondays have brought joy and laughter to the world over.

Meanwhile, Russian artist Svetlana Petrova thought some of the world’s finest works of art could be improved with the superimposition of her fat cat, Zarathustra. See this before and after of Venus with an Organist by Titian.



And take a look at this mirthful photo of shelter fat cat Halbert by Columbian photographer Steven Lane.


In McVicker’s follow-up article, “Fat cats are going fast,” we learn Halbert and his winning grin were too irresistible to stay in the shelter. He and three other fat cats, out of about 12 at the shelter, have found homes as a result of the promotion.

The promotion offers $1 off for each pound the cat weighs for cats over 14 pounds

So hurry in while the heavies are hot.

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