That's 'Mayor Cupcake' to you

Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo has a new nickname but it has nothing to do with his role in city government or job as a division chief for Clark County Fire & Rescue.

Instead, the nickname is the result of Ciraulo’s sweet tooth.

Ciraulo’s affinity for chocolate cupcakes earned him a cupcake of his own at Sugar Mama’s Cupcakery.

The new business in Battle Ground Village has a cupcake crafted to Ciraulo’s taste called “The Mayor.”

Ciraulo said he visited the new shop after it opened Jan. 2. He tried a chocolate cupcake and told the staff how much he enjoyed it.

The staff asked Ciraulo what his ideal cupcake would include. His response: chocolate, chocolate chips, walnuts and more chocolate.

A few days later, the cupcakery unveiled The Mayor, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and walnuts.

The chocolaty creation hasn’t only produced sales – Ciraulo said it’s one of the top sellers – it’s also given the firemen material for jokes.

“It creates a challenge in the fire house,” Ciraulo said. “You can imagine what my nickname is.”

Ciraulo isn’t the only one fond of The Mayor cupcake. One fan wrote on Sugar Mama’s Cupcakery’s Facebook page after trying the chocolate cupcake.

“I just had your ‘Mayor’ cupcake and it was amazing!!!!!!” she wrote.

Sugar Mama’s Cupcakery held its grand opening Saturday and will provide treats for the mayor’s annual State of the City address Feb. 24.

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