An anonymous letter addressed to APIL arrived today. “The good ol’ boy network is alive and well at Clark County — and it just doesn’t look right,” the letter started. The author, citing the county’s calendar/email system, said there’s a “management off-site” meeting scheduled for Friday at the county-owned Tri-Mountain Golf Course.

“Seems to me like a management meeting could happen in a meeting room,” the person wrote. The person also noted that there were no women listed as attending, and wondered if county employees pay to play.

“Maybe some ‘on site’ reporting is in order Friday,” the person suggested.

Geez. Watching non-professionals play golf? The mavens have endured a lot of dull meetings, but one involving golf makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

The “meeting” organizer, Director of General Services Mark McCauley, said today that Friday’s game is not really a meeting. He and about six other senior staffers will be using vacation time, and they do pay to play.

He asked if we really think county employees would be so stupid as to put on a calendar that they are playing golf if they were going to do it during work time.

Well, no, but we had to ask.

McCauley said he checked with a few senior-level female employees to see if they wanted a tee time, but they all declined.

After being told of the anonymous complaint, McCauley said he changed the subject title of the “meeting.” He said the county’s electronic calendar system is often used to schedule events that aren’t directly work-related, such as when a group of employees go out to lunch to celebrate a co-worker. He also uses his calendar for non-work-related errands, such as when he has to take his vehicle in to a shop.

So, anonymous letter writer, there you have it. Thanks for thinking of us, but as it turns out it’s not a real meeting, the employees are using vacation time and they pay to play. As for the fact no women accepted … I can’t say I blame them.

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