You may recall last year that Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and former Mayor Royce Pollard (not the world’s tightest duo) hosted dueling New Years Eve galas.

Not this year.

Instead, Leavitt folded himself into the Rotary event at the Hilton, where they asked him to play the role of “Swami” for part of the evening.

As part of their fundraising, participants purchased a ticket in order to address the “Swami” and receive their fortune.

Image(Obviously the lady to his right thought some of his predictions were off the mark.)

“If you can’t laugh at yourself and have some fun, then you’re in a world of hurt!” Leavitt said of his get up.

He also said that since our editor, Lou Brancaccio, is into giving predictions, Leavitt would give a few of his calls for the new year, offered by his friends. (We have a feeling that one Albert Angelo III had a hand in these).

1) Lebron James will still not win an NBA title, proving that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, unless of course you’re an Oregonian moving to Washington to avoid income tax.

2) Leavitt and Pollard will become best friends and travel to south American Mayan ruins where they will save the World from its bitter end (12/21/12). Super Friends!

3) Lou Brancaccio will join the cast of the Jersey Shore television show and finally get all the attention he deserves.

4) NBC picks up the fledgling production of Vancouvria. Leavitt resigns from Vancouver mayor job to take star role as super-smart County Commissioner Tom Mielke.

5) Steve Herman (who comes to nearly every meeting to speak against light rail and tolling) shows at a council meeting, and forgets what he wanted to testify about.

6) David Madore and Larry Patella wage a war against each other. Patella doesn’t want to pass the torch to Madore for the title of “Vancouver’s Biggest Hypocrite.” Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler asks for a public vote on who should be crowned.

7) A Mayor and Councilmember Swimsuit Calendar is produced. The only buyers are your girlfriends and family members of the Council. Proceeds go to save the Slocum House Theatre!

And, one prediction that’s a bit more serious — and a lot more politically phrased, from the mayor:

Vancouver will remain a great place to live. We’ll face our challenges, as we’ve done before, and come through these tough times together. I’ll continue to do what I believe is the best for our Community! And with that, a few more gray hairs will appear…

Part of the proceeds of the Rotary Gala went to the Children’s Center, which was also the beneficiary of the money Leavitt raised at his 2011 State of the City address.

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