Suits and a Drag (Queen)

The Suits and a Keg event drew some attention last week when The Columbian reported the Washington State Human Rights Commission was investigating the guy-oriented fundraiser.

A complaint filed against the event – which featured beer, whiskey and cigars – accused the organizers of banning women from attending.

So we weren’t too surprised to see The Daily ‘Couve had some fun with the controversy today.

Two out of three meeting mavens believed this photo of former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard dressed in drag and posted on The Daily ‘Couve blog was Photoshopped.


L-R: Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo, former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard and Albert Angelo III

Turns out, the photo is very real.

Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo had someone snap the photo on his cellphone during Friday’s event.

“Although Royce didn’t say it, I think that was his way of making light of (the situation),” Ciraulo said.

Pollard was the only man to dress in drag and go by a woman’s name – “Joyce” – for the evening. But several men opted to wear tacky jackets rather than sleek suits, Ciraulo said.

“It was a good-natured, fun event,” he said.

And, for the record, Ciraulo said some women did attend the event and several more volunteered at the fundraiser, which benefited the Fort Vancouver National Trust.

While the meeting mavens were impressed by Pollard’s accessorizing – notice the nice pearl necklace – we were disappointed to learn the former mayor opted for tennis shoes rather than heels.

But, apparently, Pollard’s footwear didn’t deter his admirers.

“He’s got nice legs for an older guy,” Ciraulo said.

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