Stuff Pat Campbell says, Vol. 1

Councilor Pat Campbell had an interesting time trying to rid himself of an unwanted board assignment on Monday… with no success.

Campbell, who has been serving as the council’s representative on the Council for the Homeless, said he likes working on the council’s projects and supports their mission.

But: “My experience has been that they have an executive board that handles what they actually do — this is a separate board from that,” he said. “Personally I like working on their projects, but I don’t like warming a chair.”

“It kind of drives me batty to tell you the truth… it’s almost as bad as council really,” he said, laughing.

City legal said the council has to have a person on that council. And crickets could seriously have been heard when Mayor Tim Leavitt asked if anyone else wanted the gig.

Ultimately, Councilor Larry Smith, who used to sit on the Council for the Homeless, said Campbell should take the approach of County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Campbell said that Boldt is “rarely there,” so he’d also pull a bit of a Boldt… and show up quarterly or so and have staff fill him in on the other meetings.

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