Stuart pays his coffee dues — but what about that mug?

First, the good news.

Two days after I revealed that Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart is behind on his office coffee dues, he paid up.

Today, he paid office assistant Jennifer Clark $60 cash to cover what he owed, plus three months’ worth of advance payments.

“I apologized for my tardiness and assured her it will not happen again,” said Stuart, one of seven bigwigs who foot the coffee bill for employees on the sixth floor of the Public Service Center.

The cash infusion came just in time, as Clark needs to restock supplies when she goes shopping this weekend.

“We were at risk for Folgers,” Stuart said.

Now, the bad news.

Here’s how his coffee mug looked Wednesday.


I do find it amusing (when you sit in boring meetings your threshold for amusement is very low) that his mug bears the logo of PBS Engineering + Environmental, where his BFF, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, works.

But the mug looks like it could use a good scrubbing. Stuart admits he only rinses it out and never thoroughly washes it with soap and hot water.

Leavitt said he doesn’t recall giving Stuart the coffee cup, but said it is old because the company’s logo has changed.

“He probably came to my office for a meeting, poured himself a cup of coffee and walked out with the cup,” Leavitt joked. “I can’t trust those county commissioners. They are trying to take everything from the city.”

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Stuart to wash the mug, but I do know Clark County Public Health Director John Wiesman occasionally reads this blog. Maybe at the next Board of Health meeting he can pull Stuart aside and have a little chat about bacteria.

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