Stewart thinks Leavitt could use a dictionary

Last week, we did a post about a letter that Sen. Don Benton sent to the members of the city council asking them to oppose the Columbia River Crossing.

In response, Leavitt denounced Benton and also took a shot at CRC critic and City Councilor Jeanne Stewart, calling her “pandering.”

Well, that didn’t sit well with Stewart, who this week said that by “all definitions, that was out of line.”

Pandering, it turns out, has a list of questionable definitions, including some of an illicit nature. Of course, most people probably don’t know that, Stewart conceded, and she said she didn’t think he meant the worst.

Still, she suggested that the mayor buy a dictionary and keep it with him at all times.

When questioned at Monday’s citizen forum about the slight, Leavitt responded: “I really don’t have anything further to say about that quote. I stand by that quote.”

Benton’s original letter can be found here. Also, by reader request, here is the full text of Leavitt’s email reaction to that letter last week:

“I have not seen a letter yet addressed to me, but have read a letter the Senator addressed to a city councilmember.

There is nothing substantive in the letter to counter the circumstances and facts specific to the CRC Project. The letter is replete with rhetoric, opinion and self-aggrandizing.

Further, it is my understanding (although not verified by me first-hand) that the Woodland City Council was motivated to a symbolic vote as they did because of insinuations by some in their community that a quid-pro-quo “deal” was struck regarding legislative support of a local transportation improvement project.

I have to believe this was the case, because otherwise it’s unimaginable that any credible elected official, with the facts of CRC at their fingertips, would vote against a project that will immediately create some estimated 20k jobs, then set the stage for continued economic and jobs growth for the next 50 years+ for the residents and businesses of their community.

With exception of one pandering Council Member (who previously voted in support of a replacement bridge and light rail transit), I have no reason to believe that the Vancouver City Council has an inclination to reverse direction from its decision of 2.5 years ago. Neither the CRC Project facts or the circumstances of our regional economy have been altered by politics at the Woodland City Council or the letter from a state senator with questionable motives trying to reconstitute credibility with his constituents.”

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