Start your (election) engines!

Look, I’m not sure why anyone would want to be a Vancouver City Councilor these days, what with budget cuts, union fights and general citizen malaise.

But, it’s looking like at least three guys do want on — the ones who are already there.

This November, Councilors Larry Smith, Pat Campbell and Bart Hansen all have to run to defend their seats. Signs are pointing to all three of them ringin’ the old doorbells come fall.

None would say for certain they’ll file, because PDC rules require that a candidate must file their official papers within two weeks of saying they’ll run.

But Hansen, who had to run last year to keep his appointed seat, said in 2010 he’s in it for the long haul. Smith’s been on the council since 2004, and with his spot on seven boards and Mayor Pro Tem, he seems ready to stay.

Campbell, who is finishing up his first term, is a bit more of a wild card. He’s said before that council “is like going to the dentist every day.” But on Tuesday, he told me that it’s getting better: “You start getting involved. As you get into it a little bit more, it starts to make sense.”

Now it remains to be seen who will step up against any of them. Will David Madore, who financed 10 runs last year, field some folks? Word on the street is he’s already got newly-elected County Assessor Peter VanNortwick out recruiting for him. Also heard some Leadership Clark County grads are eyeing the seats…

Here we go again!

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