Stacee Sellers sighting

Former Washougal Mayor Stacee Sellers vanished from the public eye after submitting her resignation amid controversy in November 2009.

In February of this year, a reader alerted us to Sellers’ LinkedIn page for her massage therapy business called a la paix on the potomac (which translates to “peace on the Potomac”) in the Washington, D.C., area.

This week, another reader emailed The Columbian to report a Stacee Sellers sighing in Maryland.

“I saw her yesterday eating in a Red Robin Restaurant in California, Maryland. Her son resides there with his father. I guess she really does still exist,” the reader said.

(Yes, California, Maryland is a real place. We Googled it.)

Apparently, Sellers’ abrupt departure from local politics has turned her into a mysterious figure comparable to Sasquatch: People report possible sightings to media outlets; none of the sightings can be confirmed, though, we’re sure she’s out there somewhere.

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