Sometimes it’s not who you endorse, but who you don’t

We have a story about how Councilor Pat Campbell has decided to endorse Bill Turlay over Anne McEnerny-Ogle in the race for his seat.

That got us thinking about two other endorsements where it wasn’t so much who got endorsed, but the races where the boards chose to pick neither candidate.

Up first: The Clark County Association of Realtors, who picked Councilors Bart Hansen and Larry Smith — but stayed mum on McEnerny-Ogle and Turlay.

The next: The Building Industry Association of Clark County, which tapped Smith and Turlay, but ignored the Hansen and Josephine Wentzel race. That was an interesting one, since last year the BIA chose Hansen’s opponent, John Jenkins as their favorite.

I thought that could mean that if an association finds no one they like, they don’t endorse.

But when I brought it up in conversation with candidate Cory Barnes, he took a more positive interpretation, telling me maybe they made no endorsement because they liked them both.

So, we’ll let you, fair reader, decide.

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