Snubs and no shows

No show: I taped my CVTV interview with Vancouver City Council candidates Larry Smith and newcomer Cory Barnes on Tuesday, it’ll be on air soon.

I was also scheduled to also interview candidates Bart Hansen and Josephine Wentzel, but that fell through. Wentzel said she had an important meeting come up.

No new date has been set; CVTV says they’ll get Hansen and Wentzel in on the same day the top two primary winners do their interviews.

If you’re dying to get a video dose of Wentzel, here’s her campaign kick-off speech.

(I do note that Wentzel says of the proposed admissions tax to help build a baseball stadium: They’ll be “charging you 70 percent. All these businesses are going to be charged 70 percent as far as fees are concerned.” It’s actually a 5 percent tax, charged to patrons, not businesses.)

Snubbed: Several mayors from across Clark County meet once a month for an informal dinner to build relationships and discuss current issues.

I was invited by Mayor Tim Leavitt to come to their dinner Tuesday night to do a feature story. Until I wasn’t.

I wouldn’t agree to not quote things that they said at the dinner.

Leavitt said some of the other mayors put the kibosh on me being there. “Probably not appropriate…candid conversations that don’t need publication…” he wrote in an email telling me I was out of the cool mayors club.

Mayors of Clark County: Don’t say anything offensive or terribly controversial and I’m not interested in printing it anyway.

The meeting mavens have just scheduled a dinner of our own. No mayors allowed.

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