Temple Lentz and the Daily ‘Couve couldn’t stay out of this for long. After outing herself as the author of the local politics and news satire site in March, Lentz came back this morning — by punking The Columbian’s newsroom for about 30 seconds.

We got a news release titled “David Madore Exits Race”: an email that you’d imagine would set off some minor heart attacking in the political corner of the newsroom.

Until we read “quotes” from Madore such as: “Before I spend another vanishingly small percentage of my wealth on this election, it seemed prudent to learn a bit about the job’s actual responsibilities.” (A nod to Madore’s short-lived time spent running for Vancouver port commissioner).

It then referred us to the Daily ‘Couve’s website, where a new entry had just been posted… one that includes paper cutouts of Madore on a stick and a few choice jabs at Democratic candidate Roman Battan, who won’t be in the fall runoff.

So, love or hate the Daily ‘Couve’s mostly left-leaning mockery, Lentz is back to hopefully bring a few laughs to what’s a very serious November election season.

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