"Sheriff Lucas Cannot Have Two Masters"

Amboy resident David Darby, who made news in the 1990s as organizer of the Clark County Militia and proponent of turning north Clark County into River County, filed a lawsuit against just about everyone this month in federal court.

All of the county commissioners (even though Darby is friends with Commissioner Tom Mielke), other elected county officials, deputy county prosecutors, code enforcement officers and state elected officials were among the 29 defendants.

Basically, Darby, 66, believes in the federal government — he does accept Social Security, I was told by a source — but not the state, and by extension, the county governments.

He argues that the state of Washington existed nine months before the “1889 CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON was fraudulently voted upon.”

So, his theory goes, elected and unelected public officials have been covering up a massive fraud ever since.

He says in the lawsuit that he asked Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey to remove his property from the tax rolls and Kimsey refused.

Here’s just a taste of the writing. Under Sheriff Garry Lucas’ name:

“Mr. Lucas is the duly elected Sheriff of THE CORPORATION OF CLARK COUNTY. As such he is depended upon by his sovereign constituents to know the lawful laws of the State of Washington. As he would say, ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse.’ Sheriff Lucas has signed contracts accepting FEDERAL dollars to help run Clark County’s Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Lucas cannot have two masters. He is either loyal to the sovereign free men that elected him, or he is loyal to the FEDERAL CORPORATION. Unfortunately, Mr. Lucas is not telling the truth of the ongoing fraud that county and state officials are continuing to perpetrate against the people of the state. Mr Lucas must reject any more funding from the FEDERAL CORPORATION.”

Darby suggests that the people can decide how much to pay for the services of the sheriff’s department. “The sovereigns will have an active role in determining what the specific duties will be and how much it will be worth to have those services,” he wrote.

He also proposes eliminating building permits, scrapping the building and code departments, and — even though the county government has no oversight over the school districts — firing all school officials.

“It is time for the PTA to take back the schools,” he wrote.

“Again, I stress self-responsibility for all sovereigns!”

The lawsuit was filed Jan. 4 in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.

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