Settle this on the runway

If we get one more of these photos, then it’s a trend, yeah?

This morning, former Vancouver City Council candidate Josephine Wentzel tweeted this photo to me (@col_cityhall):


She wrote: This shirtless picture of @davidmadore beats @timothyleavitt topless pic by far! 😉 #vanwa #clarkcounty

(She meant to tweet @MayorTimLeavitt, but accidentally looped in some random Tim Leavitt in Los Angeles).

Of course, the shot Wentzel is referencing is this one, from our now-infamous post about Leavitt baring it all for charity’s sake — or something.


Now, that picture of Leavitt, 41, is relatively current (October 2011). We’re not sure when this picture of Madore, 60, was snapped (or what’s in his hair — or why Wentzel had the photo. Or, for that matter, why a die-hard conservative was apparently driving or even near a Volkswagen van).

All we know is that this should probably be settled with a walk off, à la Zoolander. Mostly because we would like to meet David Bowie.

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