Running meetings, crashing races

I had a flier left on my desk the other day by a coworker, with a Post It saying, “Does this guy ever miss a photo op?”


I think, judging by this flier for the 2012 Summer Solstice fun run, the answer is “no.”

But upon closer look, we realized that Mr. Mayor is missing his registration number. We also recognized former Vancouver Voice writer Jared Hidden in a ridiculous get-up involving a fuchsia sweat band and a handlebar mustache.

So we asked Hidden — were you two registered for that race?

The answer, once again, was “no.”

But organizer Sherri McMillan (who is hosting a live chat this Friday) said it was cool for the pair to join in on the fun.

We’re guessing Leavitt and co. just saw crowds (and cameras!) outside his downtown bachelor pad’s window and decided to join in.

If you’re gonna do some unregistered race running, Tim, we recommend you don’t jog in front of a lens.

This year’s 3 mile and 6 mile run/walk, which raises money for the local YMCA, will be Saturday, June 23, at 6 p.m.

Sign up at or call 360-754-7292.

We may even register and do it ourselves.

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