Royce and Tim: Buddies?

Well, as we all know, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt is mulling a run for Congress against Jaime Herrera Beutler. (More on that in Sunday’s paper).

To get the hefty backing he needs, Leavitt’s going have to run as a Democrat — and he’s going to have to shore up a support base.

Cut to the Veteran’s Day event at Pearson, where Aevum Images Photography Studio caught this precious (awkward?) moment between Leavitt and his predecessor, Royce Pollard, and put it on Facebook.


They were snapped together following an auction where Pollard donated two framed copies of local hero George Marshall on the cover of Life magazine. The copies sold for $1,000 each – one will go to City Hall and the other to the Marshall House (no tax dollars were harmed in this auction; the money was from private donors). The proceeds will go to CDM Services

Leavitt bid on behalf of the city. So, at the minimum, we know for $1,000 to a good cause, Royce and Tim will pose for a photo together.

But at least in Royce’s case, that doesn’t mean they have to look happy about it. And Tim’s probably just smiling because he got some vacation from Hogwarts — but the scarf had to come with.

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