Rockin out with Larry Smith and Jeanne Stewart

They convene meetings. They draft policy. They wage political battles. And yes, they also have real lives.

To wit: I was chatting with Vancouver Councilor Larry Smith recently, and he brought up how much he digs country band Lady Antebellum, and how he was stoked (my words, not his) to see them win five Grammys.

That’s not such a shocker, but when Smith, 68, next mentioned that he was also a big fan of avant-garde pop icon Lady Gaga, I couldn’t help but do a mental double-take.

“She’s smart as a whip,” he told me, saying he watched her 60 Minutes interview.

He said if he hears she’ll be on, he’ll tune in.

A few days later, I was talking with Councilor Jeanne Stewart, about her thoughts on Mayor Tim Leavitt’s proposal to restrict weekly testimony to items on that night’s agenda, move general testimony to a “mini town hall” once a month, and turn off CVTV for those town halls. (She’s against it).

She said she pondered the topic while listening to folk legend Leonard Cohen on her drive home from a CRC Project Sponsors Council meeting. She didn’t say what song, but I couldn’t help but imagine it was this one.

Rock on, city council. Rock on.

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