Rhymes with litter

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, despite zero indication that he would have a second vote, has not let go of the idea of a fee for newspapers.

After he was told by Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor Bronson Potter that his proposed “litter fee” was really a business and occupation tax, Mielke didn’t take no for an answer.

Counties don’t have the authority to impose B&O taxes.

Mielke met with Potter, who said he told the commissioner that he would provide him with something in writing outlining the law of regulatory fees and what is and isn’t allowed.

County employees generally don’t spend time working on proposals when there’s no “second vote,” or indication that at least two of three county commissioners will support it.

Last week during board time, Administrator Bill Barron mentioned that Mielke had met with Potter about the newspaper fee.

“I’m going to change the name,” Mielke said.

“To what?” asked Commissioner Marc Boldt. “The bitter fee?”

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